Tuesday, 28 December 2010

[Handmade] Quick Update

A newly finish and quickest handmade ^w^/

Concept: Living Moss (ForRest Series)

I got some various colour for crochet thread,
and among them I have this green colour;
it only green that I have though. (-w-)'\

Again...it's not quite finish yet (I'm not satisfy yet).
so I will upload the image again later when I truly finish.
Forgive me ^-^\\

Oh! but I did finish my new collar with its brooch as I told before,
but I haven't take the picture yet so please look forward to see it.

For tonight.....sweet dream :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~*

Ps' I think...I actually haven't really cerebrate Christmas for a long time;
since middle school year till now. There always something that make me
miss a chance to cerebrate the day with family or friend.
I'm curse?....maybe ''Orz

Thursday, 23 December 2010

[Handmade] New piece

A new crochet collar almost finish! Yeah~~~~!!!

The concept is romantic rose garden,
made from crochet thread (100% cotton) in beige colour.
duration: 2 weeks

There's still need to add some decoration though
but I definitely finish this within this week (>w<)b+

and after that I need to finish making 30 crochet rabbits,
which will be a present for the coming new year
hope I will finish them on time.


My Japanese class has start for 2weeks now and.....so far so good ^v^
I'm still remember most of my old knowledge in my high school year
I will be able to take JLPT test for level 4 within next year
(hope I will pass though).

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

some sketch

I have a lot of ideas recently...
basically I have too much ideas going on and on in my head but my hand and my drawing seem to not be able to keep up with what's going through my head. So sometimes I have to right them down in a mapping inside my note book and sometimes just finding reference images and draw it so that I won't forget it later. Not so sure this is a good idea though....

anyway, I'm a bit embarrassing about this, let's have a look at my drawing ^^''

(I haven't get a scanner yet, so... sorry for the bad quality image.)

If I'm not wrong I did mention that I really am interest in 'Mori Girl' fashion since the style is really suit me and base on natural garment, colour and living. What's else....? ah! yeah....I happen to find a magazine that related to mori girl fashion, so my drawing that you see is base on the fashion shoot in those magazine.


I want to do some design base on 'Macedonian tribe'. I actually want to draw their costume for a long time (since I happen to read some book base on small tribe in the country of sand), and finally I drew them! Their costume are really interesting to make~*

Well....if someone has notice most of my drawing are black and white ^^'
The true is...I pretty bad with colour.....I mean....I probably have no sense of colouring at all, however I try to learn through many great artist (especially in deviantart) and practice. Once, my colouring skill is better, I will upload them on here (つ-w-)つ~*

for today...see you next time!

Ps' don't be surprise why my drawing is kind of comic like....well...that's how I usually draw when I don't have to make a proper fashion drawing. This style is helping my stress to go away very quick. ^w^b+

Friday, 3 December 2010

[Handmade] White Collar and A Tale of Sea Horse

Another crochet collar in the white colour (^w^)/

The true is...it actually done around the beginning of this month,
but I just couldn't find the right button to put it on at the front collar
(wood button or crochet one?)

In the end...I just go with 2 knit ball that can make a knot (-w-')a

as you can see...
this is one kind of unbalance collar lol~
what's an excuse..... -_-'


It's happen that I just read one story
calls 'Mr. Fredward's Duck' by Ushijima Keiko

well...not quite a literature book, but a good manga....indeed.
The story is base on Mother Goose background.

One chapter in the story told a tale about the sea horse
(not those seahorse in the sea though)

the tale goes like this.....

'when you look at the sea during the night
under the moon shining bright.
at the near coast line you will see a horse running.

within those bubble of the sea wave that crash the shore,
the wild horse is trying to run away from the sea.

oh, the spirit of people who pass away,
with grieve and regret, they shall try to return.
wanting to be alive again...

but the world is not so kind.
no matter how hard they try to run
or how willful they have...

the sea...once again
will pull they all back to the sea,
again....and again...and again.'

Nice....isn't it *o*
this kind of tale really charming and hiding a lots of emotion in people life.
scary....yet beautiful with all meaning.

see you next time ^^//

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

[Handmade] Something, Many things that simple

Bags In The Forest

'Today is a nice day,
a girl bring out her bag
and walk into the forest,

pick a flower, stop by a garden,
then walk back home for dinner

Today will definitely be a nice day,
if only those flower bag was not left behind.'


Summer Memories In Winter

'It's time for new winter,
pack your bag and organize your closet,
bring out some coat, wearing a sweater
and knit some knit wear.

don't be sad for a straw hat.
Summer now has past,
put them all nicely together
and tell them to wait a while...
until we meet again...

in the next Summer season

for now...enjoy with Winter'


'Garland Flower'
inspired by Thai flower decoration
calls 'พวงมาลัยดอกไม้'

see some example here or here


A Woodsong Story

'Shh....quiet down everyone
It's a morning time and lady winter has come by...
Gathering around the window,
warm yourselves with a hot milk,
little bird will now sing the song of the far woodland
and delight the morning mood with joy'


Now....Talk zone :)

I have made quite a bit of crochet items since my sewing equipment and material boxes still not arrive to me, so what I could do now is knitting a crochet. There are more items that I knit it but they are not quite complete yet, gotta wait till I get my boxes.

As well as, it is Winter season at the moment and I am now interest in Mori girl's Fashion. The feeling of wanting to wear a knitwear really killing me TT__TT
Even though I'm still wearing a long sleeve or stocking, but it's totally different *sob
What more is...they actually sell thick knitwear in the department store, but people here mostly wearing t-shirt because there's no winter here.......''OTZ

I also want to knit a whole skirt or some blouse but the problem is.....it's super hard to find wool in Manila. What they have here mostly acrylic or mix cotton yarn. I manged to find a place where they sell craft and art related, which they sell wool but they are import product with a high price...and......I have no money at the moment lol~
need to wait for a little while longer.....

There are so many things that I want to do, so many place that I want go but can't because of lots of thing. So.....I'm taking a slow step, it might be slower than other people but at least I'm not stopping.

*big smile and everything will be ok :D

Ps' Finally! I got my own Deviantart yeah~*
what left now is...etsy and portfolio online (-_/\_-)

Friday, 5 November 2010

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Manila diaries (texts only)

It's been a while from my last update -_-'\

as I mention in my last entry, now I'm in Manila (Philippines).
btw, it's not the first time for me in Manila since I already been here quite several times during my summer holiday while I was in university.

So!!!....what I should tell about?

There are some (or many) certain things that I really want to tell or...more like the things that I notice while I'm here...in Manila...in Philippine :)

To be frank, I'm quite surprise that Philippines people does look alike to Thai people in the south of Thailand. Yup! they are sure look alike but somehow I start to be able to know the different recently.

Also, most of people though that I'm Korean or Japanese -*-
I guess....since there are lots of lots Korean and Japanese come to study English in Philippines, so no one thought that I'm Thai (so sad ;_;). Sometimes, it actually annoys me when I go to department store and being watch by many eyes because I'm a foreigner, but I have to get use to it, aren't I?

Many things here are cheap, but A lots of things also doesn't cheap at all :(
(I compared to my daily life in Thailand, Bangkok)

A strange thing is....foods are expensive TT_TT

I went to cut my hair with my mom at one salon and doing some hand manicure for 3 hours. We only need to pay only P320. On the other hand, on my way back, I went to buy 2 bottles of coffee, 2 bottles of tea, 2 set of Chicken and one lollipop in the mini-mart near my place. I have to paid almost P500........the hell!!! /(;[];)/ _!!__!!_ =3

If I want to have a proper meal in a small restaurant, that meal would cost almost P1000. Oh! but there's also a cheaper meal as well that would be around P200-400 per person.

Books are, also, expensive.

I'm really love books, and usually collect them as one of my hobbies (which I guess...I have too many hobby =_='). Well....I went to the book store with an intention to buy some books to read for my inspiration. I found some several books that I want to buy but then when I see the price.......damn........too expensive TT_TT

For small book like 'Little Prince', it costs around p700 and for the thick novel/literature will be around P1000 up! what's make them so expensive........
(for 1000 bath in Thailand, normally could buy 2-4 books in various size)


Taxi and changes, let me explain about this matter *bow

1. I think...it's a custom here that they will plus P10 when you pay for taxi's fee.
2. it's a normal things when you pay and they didn't give you back your change. Some of them will give it back, but that's totally rare!!!
3. several of taxi are dangerous, so be careful when you need to get taxi << this is what a taxi driver told me by himself.

For other transports,

they have bicycle with a proper seat (hm....not so sure what they call in English, I will put the picture next time then). This one quite cheap, but they suitable for when you want to go to somewhere that near like next several block or street.

Jitney (I'm sure I spell it wrong), mostly similar to a small bus with 2 rows of a long seat at the back.

Bus, more like a tour bus for me.

and sky train, I haven't try this service yet so I can't tell you how they are.

Forth!!!!....this will be the last for his entry ^-^

A beggar and homeless
hm....how should I say, the life quality in Philippine is not really that good. That's why there are a lots of poor people....I mean....really....a lot (but not as much as in India).

So...how come I need to talk about this? That's because you need to be really careful not to dress up with expensive items or else when you walk on the side walk you might become their target. Most of the beggar that I have been encounter by so far are children and women with her baby. If you are happen to finish from shopping your groceries, they usually walk straight to you, block your way and beg for something to eat.

The thing is that....I don't think that give what they want will be the best way to help them and I really don't support people who do that. Since those people are actually healthy....I mean they are not disabled. They need to learn how to work to get money to satisfy their need.

I don't denied that in Thailand, we also have beggar or homeless, but what the different is....in Thailand, they try to work to get money or food for themselves like selling a decoration flower made from Jasmine and others flowers. Some people sing and somes doing a service job (ex: daily personal passenger, running errand, taking care of the car-park,....etc.). It's not like in Philippines that most of homeless and beggar didn't try to do anything except begging for something from people.

well....I think, these are the main things that I have been noticing so far.
see you next entry, for today....have a sweet night :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

[Handmade] A Crown for everyone

A king has forgot his crown somewhere,
within his room only the crown mark was left,
who ever found this crown
he or her will be name as a new king.


I found a crown crochet pattern via google through some new idea for my crochet project.

The pattern somehow a little complicate, but quite easy when you start to knit it through, anyway sorry about the credit....I will put the credit for the original pattern, but I couldn't find her blog again so I will come to add her detail later.

Btw, I also finished my collar yay~ It really took me a week and a half since I did my own pattern. I will upload it next time :)

Ps' Now I have moved to Manila in Philippines and god knows where else or when I have to move again, so I'm doing a gap-year as freelance for my living for now.....

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pack your sofa!

I found this chair via NOTCOT,
it's such a charming homely chair called a suitcase chair by Katie Thompson

In her website 'Recreate' also have other different designs relate to furniture, lighting and interior accessories. All her products are re-creation piece based on the idea of recycle furniture.

I would love to have it in my house, if only I have a permanent home huh~

Monday, 4 October 2010

Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [Finale]

Continue of what I left last time.....

On 2 of Sept, 2010 I had appointment with Sapphire Studio for my free makeover.
The studio location is not hard to find but also not so easy to find the entrance either. When I walk inside the guy who sit at the counter (I suppose, he's the one that talked to me via the phone) said to me nicely and ask for my appointment, Then another young lady invite me to have a seat since it is not my time yet. I kind of like this lady, she's so friendly and sound honest enough to make me comfortable about their service, this is my first impression here.

During my waiting, there is a form to fill such as which look do I prefer, what kind of make-up I like and of cause....a friend list and contact which is I prefer not to fill any names of my friends due to the rumor that I found on the internet and from my classmate experience.

When its my turn, it happens that I need to take a lift to the upper floor which is kind of a salon section. There will be another lady to see you when you walk in the salon like room. I also got an offer for drinks that I prefer (you could ask for champagne if you like). Their service will go along through the list of the customer, first it will be make-up then hair style.

Make-up, the lady who do my make-up kinds of let me down with her skill or may be I just expect too much from her. Because I did my own make-up before I coming out of my house, I expected that they might remove it and do their professional make-up, but not..... She's just said that I asked her for natural look so my make-up is totally fine, what she will do is adding my eyes brown, more colour for cheek and some on my lip (-_-').....as I said may be I expected too much.

Hair, no suggestion at all in this, a person who done my hair seems to be too tired to do anything. I thought she would suggest any new ideas for my hair but none. She only ask me which hair style I want.......another let down here. In the end of this section, the lady curl my hair for me which really unprofessional skill.......

On the photograph section, it's in another floor (again). I have to say the studio sets are not good enough compare to a studio that I have been in Thailand (and that one for students to come with their friends or family and do a photoshoot, it totally fun and more professional than this). However, the good point is the photographer is cheerful enough to make you relax...I guess....anyway it's not too boring.

I have to wait an hour for my photograph to be done, the guy who seems to be manager or maybe boss will come to call you to the room on the second floor. He will let you see the photo for a while then he will come back and ask you which photo you would like to 'purchase'.

I don't have any plan to loose my money here,
My images is well photograph but from my experience, it's not well enough to call professional so I decline his offer to sell a photo to me in a discount price.

Our argument started here, according to the contract which I have printed them out and brought along with me on that day, it said if I didn't purchase any photo due to any reasons the deposit money should be transfer or give back to me fully amount. The guys said I would get my money back but only for 1 person price (around £50, but wait! I had paid for £149), he said that the studio asked me to bring along another 2-3 friends with me for the makeover but I have come alone so I would get my money back only 1/3 of the amount that I have paid to them.

This is not the right way to do business, I argue with the guy who try to force me to buy the photo from him. So...this is the way I told him,
1.) I speak politely, told him that in the contract they ask a customer to bring along his/her friends for 2-3 friends, 'but' in the contract didn't said that customer 'have to' bring along his/her friends so it would up to the customer decision whether he or she will bring along their friends or not.
2.) In the contract, they said that the full amount of deposit money will be pay back in the case that customer didn't purchase any photo, but they didn't said anything about deposit pay as number of customer who may or may not come. So he must return my money fully amount which is £149.00
3.) According to the result of the photo that I have seen, it is not good enough for me to purchase...in easy word 'I'm not satisfy with them', so I will not buy or purchase any photo.

with this three reasons, I have argue with him for awhile before he agrees with me (or give up to get money from me). My contract will be cancel and he will transfer back my money to my account :)

Actually, this guy is reason enough for me to talk with, if anyone happen to encounter this kind of situation I would suggest that try to keep yourself claim, be polite, and make sure that your words have the weight in itself. This way you will get your money back.

In the end, I did get my money back, fully amount in my account after 2 weeks as he promise :)
This experience will be a lesson to me about free makeover things, it is actually some kinds of method to get the money. In the case that anyone get a phone call like this, it's better to say no unless you have a career that earn more than £20,000 per month.

I hope this experience of mine will be some useful for those who have a problem with Sapphire Studio.

see you next time :)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Somehow, something, someone.......

I'm leaving UK tomorrow night and there's a lot happening today
so I want all people who I have met listen to this song and see its meaning.

Always wish for the best for them /*bow

and this is for my UK friends :)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

[Handmade] Crochet Collar

Thank you whip up for pattern and Memmu for my inspiration :)

Here the piece that I have been making,
I should be able to finish it within this week.

I use Rowan fine milk cotton to knit it, so it kinds of a little soft
and give me an old crochet piece feeling.

and close up pattern

Lately, I have been into Knitting and Crochet a lot.
It's really a nostalgic feeling when I do them as I'm remembering my school days.

I learn how to knit a crochet when i'm in grade 6, that time my piece really looks horrible
and need to ask my friend to teach me over and over again.
I remembered that I cried when I lost my work 2 weeks before the hand in date.
Well, it's an old embarrassing memory lol~

Also, I will be leaving UK next week as a permanent moving I guess.
I will miss all my UK friends (;w;)\\

Next time, I promise to update the final part of Sappire Studios.


Finally, I finish it >wIt actually get me to finish in 1 and half week,
since I went out to helping some friend to move their house
and being a guide in Birmingham for new student.

Anyway, I'm really happy I finish this yay~~~

Monday, 30 August 2010

Family's Home

Ever wonder what's make a family?
Ever wonder what's make a house to be a home?
Ever wonder what's a real happiness?

It still a long way for me to know all that answers.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Kanon song

I happen to listen to this version.
the sound is so clear, and soothing, yet cheerful

Btw, if someone wonder what is the instrument that was used
in this youtube. It's a Thai instrument call 'ขิม' (Khim)

good isn't it :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [part2]

Let's continue from what I left last time :)

Well, I went to the bank yesterday with one of my friend. I told the officer at the bank about my situation and also that I feel insecure that I won't be able to get my money back.

The lady, who is a bank officer, was very nice to me and told me to wait for a few minute to see another officer who will help me discuss about this matter.

Not long after waiting a few minute, I finally meet another officer (a guy). After I told him about my un-easy feeling, he asked me some of my account information then record my story as evidence and also gave me a number to contact to FRAUD.

I was allowed to use Bank's telephone :), so I contact to fraud and told them my situation. The person who talk to me on the telephone being really nice to me. She suggested to me that I should go to the studio on the appointment day since they also send me the receipt of my deposit and appointment information with reference code. With these documents if I didn't get my deposit back within 2 weeks as they said in the contract I could call to fraud again and they will get the money back for me.

After I'm hearing that I feel better and very impressed with their service. Even I'm not British, all the officer treat me very nicely. I'm really appreciated to them :D

At last, I definitely come back to report how it's going with my makeover with Sapphire Studio. I hope that I will have a wonderful experience with them. Until next time :)

Ps' In the case if someone want to know which back I use. It's Natwest Bank, such a wonderful service to the customer. They are absolutely get my sincere thanks :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sweet Dream Under The Tree

The best dreamy bed design by attiladesign
or go to her Etsy account

Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [part1]

Today I just got a call from Sapphire Studios,

A nice talking guy asked me if I remembered that I had filled the form to enter competition for professional makeover with Sapphire Studios which worth around £300. (on facebook)

Well, I did remember that I did. The guy said that I was selected to win this makeover, and asked me if I would like to do makeover with them?

I'm kind of happy, of cause, I said yes to him.

Then, he explain to me about how the makeover for me gonna be done. It kind of reminds me about my friend who had her makeover by another studio in London as well, which she told me that it's not really a good experience for her since in the end the studio want her to buy the photo that cost around £70 at least.

So, I asked the guy if I have to pay for the photo? He said I could purchase them (they are different size and prize for the photo) if I want. It's not a bad deal, that's what I thought since I don't have to purchase it if I don't want to.

I decided to go and get makeover with this studio until the guy on the phone mention about the deposit that I have to pay for them, to make sure that I will definitely show up on the date and they will return it to me when we done with this makeover. It's £149.95 for this deposit, the chill getting on me when I heard that. That's a lot of money, I though.

I asked if I definitely get this deposit back, and he did confirm me about it. I gave my trust to him and gave my card detail to him (he claim that they use Lloyds TSB bank, which I though that fair enough......maybe).

After that, my line got transfer to another person (a girl/woman) to give me a reference number of this makeover appointment.

After the call end, I went to search for Sapphire Studios address to prepare my journey to them.

Then I notice on my search, there are some people wrote about Sapphire Studios that they a SCAM on the internet which is quite a lots of topic saying about this.

OMG!!! what have I done!!!, the money already transfer from my account to them!

I talked this matter with my brother, he said that they are definitely SCAM so I should go to the bank tomorrow if I could cancel this transaction.


The thing is, from what I search about their scam topic, most of people said that the studio didn't give their refund back to them. Some even had sign a contract of purchasing the photo that they need to pay every month over all over £1,000 (that's a madness, isn't it).

But also few people said that they went to the studio and got makeover done with a nice service and also got their refund back.

I'm not so sure who should I believe, I called the studio to talk to them but it's answering machine that's really make convey me to believe that they might be a scam.


So for now, I will go to my bank tomorrow to talk with the bank officer if I could cancel this transaction and get my money back.
If I couldn't, I might decide to go for this makeover and see if the studio will really give my deposit back, also contact a customer direct for some advice.

I just hope everything will go well. ''OTZ

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Life journey

One of many great song from CHEMISTRY: Period

Well, I'm a fan of this Japanese duo singers :) I love their voice and all of their song always have a good meaning in life. Whenever I listen them, it gave me an energy to keep moving on with my dream. Their songs also inspired me in many ways as in the different view of this world, they teach me how to see many things in different point of ankle. That's why I love them so much :)

I also found this song in piano version from some uploader as well
hope you like it, and see you next time~

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lady Gaga VS Lady Tama

The great effort from Lady Gaga fan :)
One of the best work that cover, Lady Tama.
Professional photoshoot, and good costume cutting.
I think her work is the best among the other that I have seen so far.

If you are interesting to see some more images of Lady Tama's photoshoot,
please visit her blog

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Something new...something old....

There's a tales from the old jewel box.
In the memories of bracelet,

women's love, promise and a vow.

The true promising love of a couple,

pure white and strong like pearls,

lace motif of relationship,
these memories will pass on
as something new in life
and good old time
deep in the memories of bracelet.


well, I made a bracelet while thinking about my friends
who will marry in next month.
A white lace that suit a bride, also refer as the relationship between them
'they bond to be with each other' that's what I thought.

In Thailand, it's important that a bride should wear pearl.
well, that's what my mom always tell me since I was young.

Since it takes time to produce one pearl inside the oyster,
Pearl is so strong just like a married couple.
as well as husband and wife that will spend their life together
and walk through many hardship together.

That way, their love will become
a precious pearl
strong like a pearl
and pure just like a pearl.

They are all good old memories and new adventure isn't it.

see you next time :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

A good old bag that's all matter!

Recently, I fell in love with vintage bag.
However, all of the vintage style I love 'GLADSTONE' bag the most!

The bag itself was named after 'William Edwart Gladstone'
and first developed in late 19th century.

As you can see from the image that I search from google :)
these bag have a unique square shape with the frame on the top,
the quality leather and finess process in making, made them still
have a high price even such a long time used.

For those, who really love vintage Gladstone bag will be the best bag of all vintage style.
The best Gladstone that I recommend to buy is a handmade one.

well for me, I already added these Gladstone bag into my wish list.
(Since I really adore craftsman who can create such a delicate master piece.)
after I got a proper job, I definitely have one of my own.

that's for today, see you next time

Sunday, 20 June 2010


hello, and welcome to Ghala

This is my ever first official blog of me and I'm quite nervous ^^'\
Also, I'm quite new at writing things daily,
but I will do my best to update this place more often.

nice to meet you again *bow