Saturday, 10 July 2010

Something new...something old....

There's a tales from the old jewel box.
In the memories of bracelet,

women's love, promise and a vow.

The true promising love of a couple,

pure white and strong like pearls,

lace motif of relationship,
these memories will pass on
as something new in life
and good old time
deep in the memories of bracelet.


well, I made a bracelet while thinking about my friends
who will marry in next month.
A white lace that suit a bride, also refer as the relationship between them
'they bond to be with each other' that's what I thought.

In Thailand, it's important that a bride should wear pearl.
well, that's what my mom always tell me since I was young.

Since it takes time to produce one pearl inside the oyster,
Pearl is so strong just like a married couple.
as well as husband and wife that will spend their life together
and walk through many hardship together.

That way, their love will become
a precious pearl
strong like a pearl
and pure just like a pearl.

They are all good old memories and new adventure isn't it.

see you next time :)

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