Monday, 30 August 2010

Family's Home

Ever wonder what's make a family?
Ever wonder what's make a house to be a home?
Ever wonder what's a real happiness?

It still a long way for me to know all that answers.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Kanon song

I happen to listen to this version.
the sound is so clear, and soothing, yet cheerful

Btw, if someone wonder what is the instrument that was used
in this youtube. It's a Thai instrument call 'ขิม' (Khim)

good isn't it :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [part2]

Let's continue from what I left last time :)

Well, I went to the bank yesterday with one of my friend. I told the officer at the bank about my situation and also that I feel insecure that I won't be able to get my money back.

The lady, who is a bank officer, was very nice to me and told me to wait for a few minute to see another officer who will help me discuss about this matter.

Not long after waiting a few minute, I finally meet another officer (a guy). After I told him about my un-easy feeling, he asked me some of my account information then record my story as evidence and also gave me a number to contact to FRAUD.

I was allowed to use Bank's telephone :), so I contact to fraud and told them my situation. The person who talk to me on the telephone being really nice to me. She suggested to me that I should go to the studio on the appointment day since they also send me the receipt of my deposit and appointment information with reference code. With these documents if I didn't get my deposit back within 2 weeks as they said in the contract I could call to fraud again and they will get the money back for me.

After I'm hearing that I feel better and very impressed with their service. Even I'm not British, all the officer treat me very nicely. I'm really appreciated to them :D

At last, I definitely come back to report how it's going with my makeover with Sapphire Studio. I hope that I will have a wonderful experience with them. Until next time :)

Ps' In the case if someone want to know which back I use. It's Natwest Bank, such a wonderful service to the customer. They are absolutely get my sincere thanks :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sweet Dream Under The Tree

The best dreamy bed design by attiladesign
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Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [part1]

Today I just got a call from Sapphire Studios,

A nice talking guy asked me if I remembered that I had filled the form to enter competition for professional makeover with Sapphire Studios which worth around £300. (on facebook)

Well, I did remember that I did. The guy said that I was selected to win this makeover, and asked me if I would like to do makeover with them?

I'm kind of happy, of cause, I said yes to him.

Then, he explain to me about how the makeover for me gonna be done. It kind of reminds me about my friend who had her makeover by another studio in London as well, which she told me that it's not really a good experience for her since in the end the studio want her to buy the photo that cost around £70 at least.

So, I asked the guy if I have to pay for the photo? He said I could purchase them (they are different size and prize for the photo) if I want. It's not a bad deal, that's what I thought since I don't have to purchase it if I don't want to.

I decided to go and get makeover with this studio until the guy on the phone mention about the deposit that I have to pay for them, to make sure that I will definitely show up on the date and they will return it to me when we done with this makeover. It's £149.95 for this deposit, the chill getting on me when I heard that. That's a lot of money, I though.

I asked if I definitely get this deposit back, and he did confirm me about it. I gave my trust to him and gave my card detail to him (he claim that they use Lloyds TSB bank, which I though that fair enough......maybe).

After that, my line got transfer to another person (a girl/woman) to give me a reference number of this makeover appointment.

After the call end, I went to search for Sapphire Studios address to prepare my journey to them.

Then I notice on my search, there are some people wrote about Sapphire Studios that they a SCAM on the internet which is quite a lots of topic saying about this.

OMG!!! what have I done!!!, the money already transfer from my account to them!

I talked this matter with my brother, he said that they are definitely SCAM so I should go to the bank tomorrow if I could cancel this transaction.


The thing is, from what I search about their scam topic, most of people said that the studio didn't give their refund back to them. Some even had sign a contract of purchasing the photo that they need to pay every month over all over £1,000 (that's a madness, isn't it).

But also few people said that they went to the studio and got makeover done with a nice service and also got their refund back.

I'm not so sure who should I believe, I called the studio to talk to them but it's answering machine that's really make convey me to believe that they might be a scam.


So for now, I will go to my bank tomorrow to talk with the bank officer if I could cancel this transaction and get my money back.
If I couldn't, I might decide to go for this makeover and see if the studio will really give my deposit back, also contact a customer direct for some advice.

I just hope everything will go well. ''OTZ