Friday, 20 August 2010

Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [part2]

Let's continue from what I left last time :)

Well, I went to the bank yesterday with one of my friend. I told the officer at the bank about my situation and also that I feel insecure that I won't be able to get my money back.

The lady, who is a bank officer, was very nice to me and told me to wait for a few minute to see another officer who will help me discuss about this matter.

Not long after waiting a few minute, I finally meet another officer (a guy). After I told him about my un-easy feeling, he asked me some of my account information then record my story as evidence and also gave me a number to contact to FRAUD.

I was allowed to use Bank's telephone :), so I contact to fraud and told them my situation. The person who talk to me on the telephone being really nice to me. She suggested to me that I should go to the studio on the appointment day since they also send me the receipt of my deposit and appointment information with reference code. With these documents if I didn't get my deposit back within 2 weeks as they said in the contract I could call to fraud again and they will get the money back for me.

After I'm hearing that I feel better and very impressed with their service. Even I'm not British, all the officer treat me very nicely. I'm really appreciated to them :D

At last, I definitely come back to report how it's going with my makeover with Sapphire Studio. I hope that I will have a wonderful experience with them. Until next time :)

Ps' In the case if someone want to know which back I use. It's Natwest Bank, such a wonderful service to the customer. They are absolutely get my sincere thanks :)

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