Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Somehow, something, someone.......

I'm leaving UK tomorrow night and there's a lot happening today
so I want all people who I have met listen to this song and see its meaning.

Always wish for the best for them /*bow

and this is for my UK friends :)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

[Handmade] Crochet Collar

Thank you whip up for pattern and Memmu for my inspiration :)

Here the piece that I have been making,
I should be able to finish it within this week.

I use Rowan fine milk cotton to knit it, so it kinds of a little soft
and give me an old crochet piece feeling.

and close up pattern

Lately, I have been into Knitting and Crochet a lot.
It's really a nostalgic feeling when I do them as I'm remembering my school days.

I learn how to knit a crochet when i'm in grade 6, that time my piece really looks horrible
and need to ask my friend to teach me over and over again.
I remembered that I cried when I lost my work 2 weeks before the hand in date.
Well, it's an old embarrassing memory lol~

Also, I will be leaving UK next week as a permanent moving I guess.
I will miss all my UK friends (;w;)\\

Next time, I promise to update the final part of Sappire Studios.


Finally, I finish it >wIt actually get me to finish in 1 and half week,
since I went out to helping some friend to move their house
and being a guide in Birmingham for new student.

Anyway, I'm really happy I finish this yay~~~