Thursday, 21 October 2010

Manila diaries (texts only)

It's been a while from my last update -_-'\

as I mention in my last entry, now I'm in Manila (Philippines).
btw, it's not the first time for me in Manila since I already been here quite several times during my summer holiday while I was in university.

So!!!....what I should tell about?

There are some (or many) certain things that I really want to tell or...more like the things that I notice while I'm Philippine :)

To be frank, I'm quite surprise that Philippines people does look alike to Thai people in the south of Thailand. Yup! they are sure look alike but somehow I start to be able to know the different recently.

Also, most of people though that I'm Korean or Japanese -*-
I guess....since there are lots of lots Korean and Japanese come to study English in Philippines, so no one thought that I'm Thai (so sad ;_;). Sometimes, it actually annoys me when I go to department store and being watch by many eyes because I'm a foreigner, but I have to get use to it, aren't I?

Many things here are cheap, but A lots of things also doesn't cheap at all :(
(I compared to my daily life in Thailand, Bangkok)

A strange thing is....foods are expensive TT_TT

I went to cut my hair with my mom at one salon and doing some hand manicure for 3 hours. We only need to pay only P320. On the other hand, on my way back, I went to buy 2 bottles of coffee, 2 bottles of tea, 2 set of Chicken and one lollipop in the mini-mart near my place. I have to paid almost P500........the hell!!! /(;[];)/ _!!__!!_ =3

If I want to have a proper meal in a small restaurant, that meal would cost almost P1000. Oh! but there's also a cheaper meal as well that would be around P200-400 per person.

Books are, also, expensive.

I'm really love books, and usually collect them as one of my hobbies (which I guess...I have too many hobby =_='). Well....I went to the book store with an intention to buy some books to read for my inspiration. I found some several books that I want to buy but then when I see the price.......damn........too expensive TT_TT

For small book like 'Little Prince', it costs around p700 and for the thick novel/literature will be around P1000 up! what's make them so expensive........
(for 1000 bath in Thailand, normally could buy 2-4 books in various size)


Taxi and changes, let me explain about this matter *bow

1. I's a custom here that they will plus P10 when you pay for taxi's fee.
2. it's a normal things when you pay and they didn't give you back your change. Some of them will give it back, but that's totally rare!!!
3. several of taxi are dangerous, so be careful when you need to get taxi << this is what a taxi driver told me by himself.

For other transports,

they have bicycle with a proper seat (hm....not so sure what they call in English, I will put the picture next time then). This one quite cheap, but they suitable for when you want to go to somewhere that near like next several block or street.

Jitney (I'm sure I spell it wrong), mostly similar to a small bus with 2 rows of a long seat at the back.

Bus, more like a tour bus for me.

and sky train, I haven't try this service yet so I can't tell you how they are.

Forth!!!!....this will be the last for his entry ^-^

A beggar and homeless should I say, the life quality in Philippine is not really that good. That's why there are a lots of poor people....I mean....really....a lot (but not as much as in India). come I need to talk about this? That's because you need to be really careful not to dress up with expensive items or else when you walk on the side walk you might become their target. Most of the beggar that I have been encounter by so far are children and women with her baby. If you are happen to finish from shopping your groceries, they usually walk straight to you, block your way and beg for something to eat.

The thing is that....I don't think that give what they want will be the best way to help them and I really don't support people who do that. Since those people are actually healthy....I mean they are not disabled. They need to learn how to work to get money to satisfy their need.

I don't denied that in Thailand, we also have beggar or homeless, but what the different Thailand, they try to work to get money or food for themselves like selling a decoration flower made from Jasmine and others flowers. Some people sing and somes doing a service job (ex: daily personal passenger, running errand, taking care of the car-park,....etc.). It's not like in Philippines that most of homeless and beggar didn't try to do anything except begging for something from people.

well....I think, these are the main things that I have been noticing so far.
see you next entry, for today....have a sweet night :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

[Handmade] A Crown for everyone

A king has forgot his crown somewhere,
within his room only the crown mark was left,
who ever found this crown
he or her will be name as a new king.


I found a crown crochet pattern via google through some new idea for my crochet project.

The pattern somehow a little complicate, but quite easy when you start to knit it through, anyway sorry about the credit....I will put the credit for the original pattern, but I couldn't find her blog again so I will come to add her detail later.

Btw, I also finished my collar yay~ It really took me a week and a half since I did my own pattern. I will upload it next time :)

Ps' Now I have moved to Manila in Philippines and god knows where else or when I have to move again, so I'm doing a gap-year as freelance for my living for now.....

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Pack your sofa!

I found this chair via NOTCOT,
it's such a charming homely chair called a suitcase chair by Katie Thompson

In her website 'Recreate' also have other different designs relate to furniture, lighting and interior accessories. All her products are re-creation piece based on the idea of recycle furniture.

I would love to have it in my house, if only I have a permanent home huh~

Monday, 4 October 2010

Sapphire Studios: scam or what? [Finale]

Continue of what I left last time.....

On 2 of Sept, 2010 I had appointment with Sapphire Studio for my free makeover.
The studio location is not hard to find but also not so easy to find the entrance either. When I walk inside the guy who sit at the counter (I suppose, he's the one that talked to me via the phone) said to me nicely and ask for my appointment, Then another young lady invite me to have a seat since it is not my time yet. I kind of like this lady, she's so friendly and sound honest enough to make me comfortable about their service, this is my first impression here.

During my waiting, there is a form to fill such as which look do I prefer, what kind of make-up I like and of cause....a friend list and contact which is I prefer not to fill any names of my friends due to the rumor that I found on the internet and from my classmate experience.

When its my turn, it happens that I need to take a lift to the upper floor which is kind of a salon section. There will be another lady to see you when you walk in the salon like room. I also got an offer for drinks that I prefer (you could ask for champagne if you like). Their service will go along through the list of the customer, first it will be make-up then hair style.

Make-up, the lady who do my make-up kinds of let me down with her skill or may be I just expect too much from her. Because I did my own make-up before I coming out of my house, I expected that they might remove it and do their professional make-up, but not..... She's just said that I asked her for natural look so my make-up is totally fine, what she will do is adding my eyes brown, more colour for cheek and some on my lip (-_-') I said may be I expected too much.

Hair, no suggestion at all in this, a person who done my hair seems to be too tired to do anything. I thought she would suggest any new ideas for my hair but none. She only ask me which hair style I want.......another let down here. In the end of this section, the lady curl my hair for me which really unprofessional skill.......

On the photograph section, it's in another floor (again). I have to say the studio sets are not good enough compare to a studio that I have been in Thailand (and that one for students to come with their friends or family and do a photoshoot, it totally fun and more professional than this). However, the good point is the photographer is cheerful enough to make you relax...I guess....anyway it's not too boring.

I have to wait an hour for my photograph to be done, the guy who seems to be manager or maybe boss will come to call you to the room on the second floor. He will let you see the photo for a while then he will come back and ask you which photo you would like to 'purchase'.

I don't have any plan to loose my money here,
My images is well photograph but from my experience, it's not well enough to call professional so I decline his offer to sell a photo to me in a discount price.

Our argument started here, according to the contract which I have printed them out and brought along with me on that day, it said if I didn't purchase any photo due to any reasons the deposit money should be transfer or give back to me fully amount. The guys said I would get my money back but only for 1 person price (around £50, but wait! I had paid for £149), he said that the studio asked me to bring along another 2-3 friends with me for the makeover but I have come alone so I would get my money back only 1/3 of the amount that I have paid to them.

This is not the right way to do business, I argue with the guy who try to force me to buy the photo from him. So...this is the way I told him,
1.) I speak politely, told him that in the contract they ask a customer to bring along his/her friends for 2-3 friends, 'but' in the contract didn't said that customer 'have to' bring along his/her friends so it would up to the customer decision whether he or she will bring along their friends or not.
2.) In the contract, they said that the full amount of deposit money will be pay back in the case that customer didn't purchase any photo, but they didn't said anything about deposit pay as number of customer who may or may not come. So he must return my money fully amount which is £149.00
3.) According to the result of the photo that I have seen, it is not good enough for me to easy word 'I'm not satisfy with them', so I will not buy or purchase any photo.

with this three reasons, I have argue with him for awhile before he agrees with me (or give up to get money from me). My contract will be cancel and he will transfer back my money to my account :)

Actually, this guy is reason enough for me to talk with, if anyone happen to encounter this kind of situation I would suggest that try to keep yourself claim, be polite, and make sure that your words have the weight in itself. This way you will get your money back.

In the end, I did get my money back, fully amount in my account after 2 weeks as he promise :)
This experience will be a lesson to me about free makeover things, it is actually some kinds of method to get the money. In the case that anyone get a phone call like this, it's better to say no unless you have a career that earn more than £20,000 per month.

I hope this experience of mine will be some useful for those who have a problem with Sapphire Studio.

see you next time :)