Thursday, 7 October 2010

[Handmade] A Crown for everyone

A king has forgot his crown somewhere,
within his room only the crown mark was left,
who ever found this crown
he or her will be name as a new king.


I found a crown crochet pattern via google through some new idea for my crochet project.

The pattern somehow a little complicate, but quite easy when you start to knit it through, anyway sorry about the credit....I will put the credit for the original pattern, but I couldn't find her blog again so I will come to add her detail later.

Btw, I also finished my collar yay~ It really took me a week and a half since I did my own pattern. I will upload it next time :)

Ps' Now I have moved to Manila in Philippines and god knows where else or when I have to move again, so I'm doing a gap-year as freelance for my living for now.....

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  1. This is beautiful. Are you going to share the pattern?