Tuesday, 30 November 2010

[Handmade] Something, Many things that simple

Bags In The Forest

'Today is a nice day,
a girl bring out her bag
and walk into the forest,

pick a flower, stop by a garden,
then walk back home for dinner

Today will definitely be a nice day,
if only those flower bag was not left behind.'


Summer Memories In Winter

'It's time for new winter,
pack your bag and organize your closet,
bring out some coat, wearing a sweater
and knit some knit wear.

don't be sad for a straw hat.
Summer now has past,
put them all nicely together
and tell them to wait a while...
until we meet again...

in the next Summer season

for now...enjoy with Winter'


'Garland Flower'
inspired by Thai flower decoration
calls 'พวงมาลัยดอกไม้'

see some example here or here


A Woodsong Story

'Shh....quiet down everyone
It's a morning time and lady winter has come by...
Gathering around the window,
warm yourselves with a hot milk,
little bird will now sing the song of the far woodland
and delight the morning mood with joy'


Now....Talk zone :)

I have made quite a bit of crochet items since my sewing equipment and material boxes still not arrive to me, so what I could do now is knitting a crochet. There are more items that I knit it but they are not quite complete yet, gotta wait till I get my boxes.

As well as, it is Winter season at the moment and I am now interest in Mori girl's Fashion. The feeling of wanting to wear a knitwear really killing me TT__TT
Even though I'm still wearing a long sleeve or stocking, but it's totally different *sob
What more is...they actually sell thick knitwear in the department store, but people here mostly wearing t-shirt because there's no winter here.......''OTZ

I also want to knit a whole skirt or some blouse but the problem is.....it's super hard to find wool in Manila. What they have here mostly acrylic or mix cotton yarn. I manged to find a place where they sell craft and art related, which they sell wool but they are import product with a high price...and......I have no money at the moment lol~
need to wait for a little while longer.....

There are so many things that I want to do, so many place that I want go but can't because of lots of thing. So.....I'm taking a slow step, it might be slower than other people but at least I'm not stopping.

*big smile and everything will be ok :D

Ps' Finally! I got my own Deviantart yeah~*
what left now is...etsy and portfolio online (-_/\_-)

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