Friday, 3 December 2010

[Handmade] White Collar and A Tale of Sea Horse

Another crochet collar in the white colour (^w^)/

The true actually done around the beginning of this month,
but I just couldn't find the right button to put it on at the front collar
(wood button or crochet one?)

In the end...I just go with 2 knit ball that can make a knot (-w-')a

as you can see...
this is one kind of unbalance collar lol~
what's an excuse..... -_-'


It's happen that I just read one story
calls 'Mr. Fredward's Duck' by Ushijima Keiko

well...not quite a literature book, but a good manga....indeed.
The story is base on Mother Goose background.

One chapter in the story told a tale about the sea horse
(not those seahorse in the sea though)

the tale goes like this.....

'when you look at the sea during the night
under the moon shining bright.
at the near coast line you will see a horse running.

within those bubble of the sea wave that crash the shore,
the wild horse is trying to run away from the sea.

oh, the spirit of people who pass away,
with grieve and regret, they shall try to return.
wanting to be alive again...

but the world is not so kind.
no matter how hard they try to run
or how willful they have...

the sea...once again
will pull they all back to the sea,
again....and again...and again.'

Nice....isn't it *o*
this kind of tale really charming and hiding a lots of emotion in people life.
scary....yet beautiful with all meaning.

see you next time ^^//

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