Saturday, 26 June 2010

A good old bag that's all matter!

Recently, I fell in love with vintage bag.
However, all of the vintage style I love 'GLADSTONE' bag the most!

The bag itself was named after 'William Edwart Gladstone'
and first developed in late 19th century.

As you can see from the image that I search from google :)
these bag have a unique square shape with the frame on the top,
the quality leather and finess process in making, made them still
have a high price even such a long time used.

For those, who really love vintage Gladstone bag will be the best bag of all vintage style.
The best Gladstone that I recommend to buy is a handmade one.

well for me, I already added these Gladstone bag into my wish list.
(Since I really adore craftsman who can create such a delicate master piece.)
after I got a proper job, I definitely have one of my own.

that's for today, see you next time

Sunday, 20 June 2010


hello, and welcome to Ghala

This is my ever first official blog of me and I'm quite nervous ^^'\
Also, I'm quite new at writing things daily,
but I will do my best to update this place more often.

nice to meet you again *bow