Tuesday, 28 December 2010

[Handmade] Quick Update

A newly finish and quickest handmade ^w^/

Concept: Living Moss (ForRest Series)

I got some various colour for crochet thread,
and among them I have this green colour;
it only green that I have though. (-w-)'\

Again...it's not quite finish yet (I'm not satisfy yet).
so I will upload the image again later when I truly finish.
Forgive me ^-^\\

Oh! but I did finish my new collar with its brooch as I told before,
but I haven't take the picture yet so please look forward to see it.

For tonight.....sweet dream :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~*

Ps' I think...I actually haven't really cerebrate Christmas for a long time;
since middle school year till now. There always something that make me
miss a chance to cerebrate the day with family or friend.
I'm curse?....maybe ''Orz

Thursday, 23 December 2010

[Handmade] New piece

A new crochet collar almost finish! Yeah~~~~!!!

The concept is romantic rose garden,
made from crochet thread (100% cotton) in beige colour.
duration: 2 weeks

There's still need to add some decoration though
but I definitely finish this within this week (>w<)b+

and after that I need to finish making 30 crochet rabbits,
which will be a present for the coming new year
hope I will finish them on time.


My Japanese class has start for 2weeks now and.....so far so good ^v^
I'm still remember most of my old knowledge in my high school year
I will be able to take JLPT test for level 4 within next year
(hope I will pass though).

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

some sketch

I have a lot of ideas recently...
basically I have too much ideas going on and on in my head but my hand and my drawing seem to not be able to keep up with what's going through my head. So sometimes I have to right them down in a mapping inside my note book and sometimes just finding reference images and draw it so that I won't forget it later. Not so sure this is a good idea though....

anyway, I'm a bit embarrassing about this, let's have a look at my drawing ^^''

(I haven't get a scanner yet, so... sorry for the bad quality image.)

If I'm not wrong I did mention that I really am interest in 'Mori Girl' fashion since the style is really suit me and base on natural garment, colour and living. What's else....? ah! yeah....I happen to find a magazine that related to mori girl fashion, so my drawing that you see is base on the fashion shoot in those magazine.


I want to do some design base on 'Macedonian tribe'. I actually want to draw their costume for a long time (since I happen to read some book base on small tribe in the country of sand), and finally I drew them! Their costume are really interesting to make~*

Well....if someone has notice most of my drawing are black and white ^^'
The true is...I pretty bad with colour.....I mean....I probably have no sense of colouring at all, however I try to learn through many great artist (especially in deviantart) and practice. Once, my colouring skill is better, I will upload them on here (つ-w-)つ~*

for today...see you next time!

Ps' don't be surprise why my drawing is kind of comic like....well...that's how I usually draw when I don't have to make a proper fashion drawing. This style is helping my stress to go away very quick. ^w^b+

Friday, 3 December 2010

[Handmade] White Collar and A Tale of Sea Horse

Another crochet collar in the white colour (^w^)/

The true is...it actually done around the beginning of this month,
but I just couldn't find the right button to put it on at the front collar
(wood button or crochet one?)

In the end...I just go with 2 knit ball that can make a knot (-w-')a

as you can see...
this is one kind of unbalance collar lol~
what's an excuse..... -_-'


It's happen that I just read one story
calls 'Mr. Fredward's Duck' by Ushijima Keiko

well...not quite a literature book, but a good manga....indeed.
The story is base on Mother Goose background.

One chapter in the story told a tale about the sea horse
(not those seahorse in the sea though)

the tale goes like this.....

'when you look at the sea during the night
under the moon shining bright.
at the near coast line you will see a horse running.

within those bubble of the sea wave that crash the shore,
the wild horse is trying to run away from the sea.

oh, the spirit of people who pass away,
with grieve and regret, they shall try to return.
wanting to be alive again...

but the world is not so kind.
no matter how hard they try to run
or how willful they have...

the sea...once again
will pull they all back to the sea,
again....and again...and again.'

Nice....isn't it *o*
this kind of tale really charming and hiding a lots of emotion in people life.
scary....yet beautiful with all meaning.

see you next time ^^//