Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Thursday, 3 February 2011

[Handmade] Mobile phone straps

As a promise from last entry!

here are my new handmade items
(some of them though -w-'\)

Wondering if the design too plain ('w')a

These are available in my shop at etsy.
Currently, I haven't put all of my handmade in the shop yet
since I plan to put them bit by bits....

Hopefully, they will sell soon (-_/\_-)+


if anyone still remember my apple
I just made a new one.
It is a request as custom make and I still need to get an 'ok'
from that person so...this piece may need to redo later ^^/

here we go!

Sorry...the image seems to be too small

It's also a mobile strap(?) or more like a hanger -w-''\
this piece is super long! the length is around 16-18cm.

But what I wonder is the colour though
(as we all know, I'm so suck at mix match colours).


Last of today entry ^^
this month is special since the graduation ceremony day will be
hold in a few week. Ahhhhh! I'm so excite >w<
Even though, I couldn't attend it but still excite and happy lol~

It will be a joyful day for everyone who graduated from last year :)
I miss my friends in UK, hope they are happy with their life.


Have a good night and see you next entry

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

宇多田ヒカル - Goodbye Happiness

Utada Hikaru is the top list of my favourite aritist :)
I remember that the first time I heard her song,
it is really a beautiful moment.

Her songs have lots of meaning as well as her MV which always inspiring
like...Traveling, Sakura Drop or Kuma.

and now...her final collection 'Goodbye Happiness'

This song is kind of match up my mood at the moment,
since there are a lot of many things happen to me now.....
Well, I will....somehow....keep walking forward......:)


I promise to upload my new handmade items next time (^^)\\
and....good news!!!
my shop in etsy is now open~*
Please feel free to come to visit at any time. ^w^/*
(and I welcome all comment if anyone want to...)

For today....see you next entry
have a sweet night.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

[Handmade] Rabbit Year Series

I finally got my shipping box (if I haven't told you in last entry), I have all my sewing equipment and material boxes.

I had fixed my sewing machine as well (I broke a thread puller
when I sew my final project's dress), but it needs to change a new light bulb
which I couldn't find a shop that sell it at the moment T_T''

Also...need to get an eyelet puncher (stationery shop doesn't sell it as well....damn*).

last, I want to go to shop a new fabric at Devisoria market,
maybe...I will go after my Japanese class tmr since it quite close to the place.

Now....please enjoy my newly handmade...Rabbit Year Series ^^

'Moon Rabbit'
Bag decoration: hand embroidery on soft leather,
combine with fabric and felt
Duration: half day
size: 16 x 17 cm.

I actually tend to make a small key chain for my friend
as a new year present. But somehow, after I start sewing.....
I kind of can't stop my hand, when I come to realize myself
the design has turn out to this one (and pretty big in size ^^'\\)

so...this item has to turn out to be a bag decoration instead lol~


'Rabbit Brooch'
Brooch: hand sew lace on top of soft leather with felt,
decoration with pearl beads, ribbon and rabbit charm.
Duration: 2-3 hours
size: 8 x 9 cm.

Before I moved my house, I had a chance to order
this gorgeous cute rabbit lace from etsy website with the reasonable price.
Finally, I be able to use it and I still have 2more left for making other items.


'Rabbit Stamp'
Key chain tag: hand embroidery on soft leather with felt.
Duration: 2.5-5 hours (depends on the pattern and size)
size: 6 x 5.5 cm.

This two tags are to be a new year present for my friends,
and...I also thinking to make more of this for sell
in other different pattern for 'ForRest Series'.


see you next time ^w^//

Thursday, 6 January 2011

[Handmade/Custom make] The Colour Of Apple Doesn't Matter

'If you want a red apple,
it need quite an effort to grow one.
A deep red colour or even bright red
many different red shade.

All that depends on the blood you pour to,
dark tone need to add a dip of poison,
pale red just cause added water,
bright red from virgin maiden

with the little trick you could grown red apple

But the apple doesn't always stay red,
winter snow will turn them white,
grow them in the woodland would turn gray,
with love will be pink and baby touch as orange
any other trick would do brown. you want some apple?'


I did some crochet in apple shape,
and thinking about putting them on etsy later
They will be available in natural gray, soft white,
light brown, baby pink, peach orange and other brown tone.

They are actually made to order items that come in pack of 2pieces
It's an idea for handmade sewing's decoration or gift card.
and...not available now....^^'

I still need to think about package design which
I should come up with some design soon.


*Little talk before we part today,
My shipping boxes from when I move my house finally arrive to me (>w<)~*
I really happy, since I could do some sewing from now on
(and maybe making some clothes for myself ).

Also, this might be a bit late, Happy New Year 2011
wish everyone had a good time during new year and
hope this year will be a good year for everyone as well ^^
Since it's a rabbit year (and I'm a dragon),
I really hope for the best in this year lol~

alright! see you next time (^o^)//