Sunday, 9 January 2011

[Handmade] Rabbit Year Series

I finally got my shipping box (if I haven't told you in last entry), I have all my sewing equipment and material boxes.

I had fixed my sewing machine as well (I broke a thread puller
when I sew my final project's dress), but it needs to change a new light bulb
which I couldn't find a shop that sell it at the moment T_T''

Also...need to get an eyelet puncher (stationery shop doesn't sell it as well....damn*).

last, I want to go to shop a new fabric at Devisoria market,
maybe...I will go after my Japanese class tmr since it quite close to the place.

Now....please enjoy my newly handmade...Rabbit Year Series ^^

'Moon Rabbit'
Bag decoration: hand embroidery on soft leather,
combine with fabric and felt
Duration: half day
size: 16 x 17 cm.

I actually tend to make a small key chain for my friend
as a new year present. But somehow, after I start sewing.....
I kind of can't stop my hand, when I come to realize myself
the design has turn out to this one (and pretty big in size ^^'\\)

so...this item has to turn out to be a bag decoration instead lol~


'Rabbit Brooch'
Brooch: hand sew lace on top of soft leather with felt,
decoration with pearl beads, ribbon and rabbit charm.
Duration: 2-3 hours
size: 8 x 9 cm.

Before I moved my house, I had a chance to order
this gorgeous cute rabbit lace from etsy website with the reasonable price.
Finally, I be able to use it and I still have 2more left for making other items.


'Rabbit Stamp'
Key chain tag: hand embroidery on soft leather with felt.
Duration: 2.5-5 hours (depends on the pattern and size)
size: 6 x 5.5 cm.

This two tags are to be a new year present for my friends,
and...I also thinking to make more of this for sell
in other different pattern for 'ForRest Series'.


see you next time ^w^//

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