Thursday, 3 February 2011

[Handmade] Mobile phone straps

As a promise from last entry!

here are my new handmade items
(some of them though -w-'\)

Wondering if the design too plain ('w')a

These are available in my shop at etsy.
Currently, I haven't put all of my handmade in the shop yet
since I plan to put them bit by bits....

Hopefully, they will sell soon (-_/\_-)+


if anyone still remember my apple
I just made a new one.
It is a request as custom make and I still need to get an 'ok'
from that person so...this piece may need to redo later ^^/

here we go!

Sorry...the image seems to be too small

It's also a mobile strap(?) or more like a hanger -w-''\
this piece is super long! the length is around 16-18cm.

But what I wonder is the colour though
(as we all know, I'm so suck at mix match colours).


Last of today entry ^^
this month is special since the graduation ceremony day will be
hold in a few week. Ahhhhh! I'm so excite >w<
Even though, I couldn't attend it but still excite and happy lol~

It will be a joyful day for everyone who graduated from last year :)
I miss my friends in UK, hope they are happy with their life.


Have a good night and see you next entry

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